Space 4.0: How Simera Sense addresses the new paradigm.


Space 4.0 and new space are frequently used terms for a new paradigm experienced in today’s space industry. This paradigm is driven by commercial-minded aerospace companies and ventures working independently from governmental agencies to develop faster, better and cheaper access to space.

Historically, space activities used to be exclusively government-financed endeavours. Payloads were large and complex with multiple functions, and designed to last forever. Government agencies acted as the primary customer and the sector was driven by global politics and national pride. It started with the “Space Race” in 1957 and was further fuelled by the Apollo and space shuttle missions during the Cold War. Post-Cold War activities focused on cooperation and exploitation, with the International Space Station as the main focus.

The new reality is that space activities are now mainly funded privately and driven by specific socio-economic motives and needs. Additionally, satellites are smaller with specific and focused applications, and now cater to customers from all economic sectors.

Space 4.0 is seen as an application enabler to drive jobs and growth, a horizontal market phenomenon with the ability to enable traditional verticals and even once unimaginable verticals.

“Space 4.0 represents the evolution of the space sector into a new era, characterized by a new playing field. This era is unfolding through interaction between governments, private sector, society and politics. Space 4.0 is analogous to, and is intertwined with, Industry 4.0, which is considered as the unfolding fourth industrial revolution of manufacturing and services.” says ESA on their website.

It is estimated that, in the next 5 years, more than 2600 satellites smaller than 50kg will have been launched. The market for small satellites will grow at a 20.86% CAGR to $7.53 billion in 2022. 74% of this market will have a commercial focus. Earth observation will dominate the small satellite market at about 50% of the applications, while communication satellites will experience the biggest growth at 22% of the applications.

At Simera Sense, we are combining Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes and agile product development principles to address the paradigm shift of Space 4.0. Our goal is to provide remote sensing application developers with the ability to image every corner of the earth in greater detail, a wider range of spectral bands, and more pixel depth, more often. By shifting the old mindset of limited commercial use and poor remote sensing performance of CubeSat payloads, we are becoming an enabler for many vertical earth observation solutions at an affordable price.

Our sub-5m GSD (at 500km) payload will have the ability to image the earth with a high-performance 7-band multi-spectral, or a 154-band hyperspectral, detector. Embedded in this payload is an attitude determination and control system with the ability to accurately point and stabilize the satellite.

Simera Sense’s agile development processes, Industry 4.0 focus and smart manufacturing environment sets it apart in the Space 4.0 era.

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about our Industry 4.0 and Space 4.0 approach. We are more than willing to share our knowledge.

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