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Simera Group possesses and mobilizes centuries of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, automotive, medical and consumer domains. Over the past 9 years we have served over 70 clients and successfully completed more than 200 projects globally.

Simera Group comprises three engineering companies, each with a specific field of expertise and focus. We have implemented a unified PLM and operations architecture that seamlessly connects the business units to ensure efficiencies of distributed engineering expertise and Group operations.
Simera Consult is the engineering backbone of the Simera Group poised to tackle challenging projects and programs in an agile and client focused manner. Our consulting services offer world class engineering capabilities in structural, aero, medical and optical domains using innovation, expertise and technology to solve complex problems.

Simera Sense is developing a range of the world’s best CubeSat Payloads. We are actively busy with production of our first product, the benchmark and pilot of an ongoing range.

Simera Innovate is focused on product design and realisation in an Industry 4.0 execution framework. We make Industry 4.0 technologies accessible to SMEs, and we integrate SMEs into larger vertical establishments, ensuring seamless operations. Simera Innovate serves as the scaling and implementation partner for technology and IP developed in the rest of the group and European partner companies, specifically within the context of localization and job creation in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


Our global view and operational strength are anchored by a homegrown culture of supportive relationships and business integrity. We frequently update our internal processes, technical capabilities and ensure our value offering to clients is first class.
We chose the name ‘Simera’, which is Greek for ‘today’. We actively believe in making the most of every day and we channel our collective talent and expertise towards a better tomorrow.


Our process is based on human-centered design thinking, underscored by innovation and driven by client service excellence. We are an agile organisation with a bold and entrepreneurial ability to adapt to rapid changes and shifting economies. A global mindset and operational base give us the edge in setting new standards in best practice and new technologies.