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• Product development
• Local manufacturing
• Horizontal value chain
• Vertical business processes
• Business management
• National and local technology strategies
• Outcome-based economy

• Industry 4.0
• Product life-cycle management (PLM)
• Project charters
• Business model canvas for Industry 4.0
• Operational models
• Quality management systems (QMS)
• Human capital development
• Manufacturing and production engineering


Government and national organizations responsible for successful economic and technological growth must enable comprehensive implementation of localized product development and manufacturing. Considering the rapid growth and disruptive nature of distributed and smart product development systems in the Industry 4.0 framework, development of new execution frameworks needs informed planning and well-orchestrated implementation. Implementation risk needs to be minimized by leveraging and unifying capital equipment and software backbone investment and building on existing global knowledge and best practices. Startups and Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) require assistance throughout the Industry 4.0 product development life cycle to address missing elements and deficient implementations within their organizations.


Simera Innovate leveraged its engineering and product development knowledge, enhanced by a global network of business and technology development partners, to develop strategies that crosscut and interlink various industries and institutions and guide SMEs to work in an expansive but integrated product development society. A common foundation was defined using advanced design, smart production and Industry 4.0 technologies and principles so that startups and SMEs can focus on product development they are passionate about without the need to reinvent execution layers.

Startups and SMEs need to access material and Industry 4.0 technology solutions, guided selection of locally supported equipment, industry specific training and access to local markets. Product development centers (PDCs) were proposed to hone the process and show SMEs in a practical manner how to participate in an Industry 4.0 environment. These PDCs offer on-the-job training and expert mentorship together with showcasing modern, applicable technology solutions. In this way, PDCs help SMEs to introduce and expedite the mastering of new technologies to improve their competitive edge with reduced operational risks in the financial, commercial and technical domains.


Simera Innovate created a generic technology roadmap that provides a guidance framework for the establishment of the PDCs. The roadmap is based on merging national strategic objectives and proposed initiatives on an execution layer aligned with current global best practices. The PDC establishment process consists of various phases, well-defined milestones and associated key performance indicators to track and constantly align the process with highlighted and potentially changing strategic goals.

Figure 1 – Product Development Center Functional Model