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Multi Environmental Tactical Immersive Simulator (METIS)


METIS was originally designed as a general-purpose training simulator but thanks to its customizability, it has proven to be capable of so much more. Other applications include but are not limited to a recording studio, gaming room or a home theatre space. The interior is padded with sound dampening acoustic foam panels that limit outside noise interference as well as limit the sound that escapes the pod.

The high-end surround sound system along with the floor to ceiling high curved screen provides users with an immersive environment that they can control and adjust to their liking. The ceiling is fitted with flush mounted controllable RGBW lights pre-programmed with several lighting modes. Various control consoles such as VR, Steering Wheel and HOTAS controls allow METIS users to become anything from an aeroplane pilot to a race car driver. Do you have an alternative use you would like to try? Let us assist you in making METIS your own.

Sim Pod L (27).jpg



IMPORTANT: Please note that the accessories and features listed here are what is currently available with the Multi Environmental Tactical Immersive Simulator model. Each pod will have different features and accessories based on the budget and requirements. 


Available exterior features:

  • Lateral Hinged Doors with Soft Open/Close Functionality

  • Sleek Desk Design with Cupboards and a Built-in Power & Data Outlet

  • Ergonomic Chair

  • High Spec Instructor PC Towers with RGB LED CPU Temperature Indicator

  • High Spec Operator PC Towers with RGB LED CPU Temperature Indicator

  • 27” Full HD Desktop Monitors for Interchangeable Instructor & Operator displays

  • 43” Ultra HD Smart TVs for External Spectator Observation

  • RGB Wireless Mouse & Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

  • RGB Wired Keyboard

  • Wired Headphones with built-in Microphone for Communication with Pod Interior​​

Available interior features:


  • Acoustic Foam Lined Walls for Improved Sound Quality

  • RBGW LED Ceiling Lights with Colour Mode Controller and Dimmer

  • Sleek Desk Design with Built-in Power & Data Outlet

  • Mobile storage unit

  • Ergonomic Chair

  • Curved Projector Screen

  • Twin Duct Indoor Aircon

  • Calibrated Surround Sound System

  • WUXGA Short Throw Projector

  • Infrared Fisheye Network Camera

  • 24” Full HD Monitor on an Adjustable Arm for Instructor/Operator use

  • Directional Microphone for Communication with Exterior Instructor

  • RGB Wireless Mouse & Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

  • RGB Wired Keyboard

  • VR Headset, Sensors and Controllers

  • Steering Wheel & Pedal Controllers

  • Flight Simulator Joystick & Throttle Controllers

  • Digital Telemetry Transmitter Radio Drone Controller

Available Software Packages:

  • Windows 10 Professional

  • VTMak Advanced Simulation Software

  • Other Compatible Software:

    • X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator (VR capable)

    • RealFlight Remote Control Aircraft & Drone Simulator (VR capable)

    • Assetto Corsa Racing Car Simulator (VR capable)

    • Dirt Rally 2 Rally Racing Simulator (VR capable)

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