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About the Simera Group


The Simera Group is a collective of engineering & product development companies established in South Africa in 2010. Simera possesses and mobilises centuries of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, transport, medical and consumer product development domains.

We chose the name 'Simera', which is Greek for 'today'. We actively believe in making the most of every day and channel our collective talent and expertise towards a better tomorrow, reflected by our Mantra "Engineering a smarter tomorrow, today". The word Simera also alludes to the 'era of simulation', describing one of our core areas of focus: real-world digital twin modelling and simulation.

While we leverage today to optimise tomorrow, we are deeply conscious of our past and the value of building on our substantial legacy. Simera has been established on a foundation of healthy relationships, integrity and a drive to achieve excellence that pulsates deep within our DNA which is the cornerstone of our company culture.

We are an agile organisation with a bold and entrepreneurial ability to adapt to today's rapid changes and the shifting economies. We are global in our mindset and our operational base, and we continuously align ourselves with international best practice and new technologies. Our global view and operational strength are anchored by a homegrown culture of supportive relationships and business integrity. We frequently update our internal processes and technical capabilities and ensure our clients' value offering is first class.

We are an industry-leading engineering simulation and data management systems company, but we are still "people first" at our core. Over the years, we have assembled an exceptional team with a simple mission: to achieve the remarkable. We are growing, but we remain true to our guiding principle to be lean, effective and outcome-focused.

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