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About Simera Innovate


Simera Innovate is a specialist SIEMENS PLM and Industry 4.0 technology application company. The company recognises that smart business models require intelligent plants, processes and products, guided by a strategic digital transformation plan.  

The Simera Innovate team helps our client's approach product and process design in a holistic future-looking fashion, ensuring technology adds repetitive value and insight at all lifecycle stages. When needed, it links closely with Simera Africa for in-depth technical or first of a kind product development support. 



Industry 4.0

Profits from manufacturing can be optimized through digital twin simulations.  New technologies also enable new business models that could lead to new markets and new revenue streams. Industry 4.0 allows us to connect machines, people and processes, and digitally integrate systems and optimize execution.


Technology Readiness Assessment

Any company that wants to adopt Industry 4.0 must start somewhere.  Simera developed the I4ORA Industry 4.0 Organisational Readiness Assessment model for this purpose.  This assessment helps companies understand their current I4.0 maturity status and provides guidance on the journey the company can embark on towards I4.0 maturity.


Production Ecosystem

All production takes place in a complex ecosystem consisting of multiple different entities.  Each of these entities has an impact on the performance of the whole ecosystem. Unless the complete ecosystem is integrated into a mutual platform, mistakes will creep in with potentially serious consequences. Simera makes use of SIEMENS PLM software to incorporate all role players in the production ecosystem working on one true digital data set.

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Custom Production Workflows

Company and industry best practices can be captured in dynamic, customizable workflows that allow new and inexperienced personnel to quickly get on board with company standards and decrease timelines to higher efficiency.


Product Lifecycle Management

PLM digitally integrates all the processes and design iterations that accompany product development.  They are managing the process from conceptualization through design and development phases to production or decentralized production.  A PLM implementation ensures that relevant standards and protocols are followed and tracked through the use of customizable workflows, whilst tracking each design or part through its development lifecycle.

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